Sunday, September 4, 2016

1276 - "The Four Horsemen"

I believe that this is a final draft of the design for "The Four Horsemen".  Left to right, Mayors Mike Clay (Port Moody), Richard Stewart (Coquitlam), John McEwen (Anmore) and Greg Moore (Port Coquitlam) are forming an athletic team to support the charities of the I AM SOMEONE Ending Bullying Society and Canadian Sport For Life.  I am giving them this logo, above.  

I've donated to I AM SOMEONE for a few years now, they are a tremendous organization in my opinion.  Canadian Sport For Life I am less familiar with, although the Mayors seem to understand their worth.  They are among many of the new young public servants that put physical fitness as a priority, something that hasn't been seen at the top levels of Canadian politics since... ever?  Nonetheless, it wasn't hard to draw good physiques for these Mayors who are in good enough shape to race running, kayaking, and cycling across the Lower Mainland for charity.  It's more than I can do, although maybe I should follow their example, hmmm?