Monday, January 28, 2019

1596 - Archangel XII

Today's version of the Archangel Gabriel features some fine-lined detail work: refining the border edges and placing the shaft of the weapon.  

In the upper left corner, you might make out the brand for Wild-Heerbrugg.  They used to make precision instruments, but went out of business decades ago.  The black case holds a ruling pen set that my Father gave me; it was his set when he was a draughtsman back in the 1950's or '60's.  Ruling pens are a style of steel pen nib, the sort that you dip in liquid ink.  The nibs are adjustable by screw so that you can achieve different line thicknesses.  I really should feature this set on JSVB someday, it's very special.

This was my first time using these ruling pens.  I know you should load them with ink, but thinned acrylic paint works nearly as well.  I discovered that these pens create lines from hairline at the thickest down to atomic at the thinnest.  It was crazy how thin the lines were, I had never seen anything like it before.  By comparison, drawing with a modern ruling pen like the one I typically use for setting down haloes is like using a houspainter's brush.  Nobody seems to make precision ruling pens anymore, so using my Dad's old set was marvelous.