Wednesday, June 6, 2018

1512 - "A Dirty Deed In Colour"

Click to embiggen, scroll down for a printable version!

If you're Canadian, you paid for it!  Your tax money is going directly to the Kinder-Morgan shareholders, who did nothing to earn it except prevaricate about building the Trans-Mountain pipeline and to own the land rights to said line.  I can only imagine the board of directors at Kinder-Morgan who one day had their necks in the noose trying to finance an unpopular oilsands project and then the next day they had all their capital reimbursed with bonuses by Justin Trudeau despite not having laid one inch of new pipe.  

Of course, $3.5 million is only the beginning.  As herculean as he is, Prime Minister Trudeau can't build the pipeline on his own.  He'll probably just go back and hire Kinder-Morgan since they already have the blueprints in hand.  How much will that cost?  Well, back in 2012, the number of $100 billion was not out of the question.

As part of the deal, the Alberta government pledges to carry any cost over-runs.  So: one hundred billion minus three and a half billion equals how much to Alberta?  Well, we'll see. 

Yesterday, I showed the black-and white version of your deed, which allows you ownership of approximately one forty-millionth of the pipeline (one TMP divided by approximately 39,000,000 Canadians).  You can go see JSVB Post #1511 by clicking here if you haven't had your fill of pipeline rants. 

Below is the full-size deed.  It renders to exactly the size of a Canadian dollar bill, so if you like you can save it and print it out to carry in your purse or wallet.  Amaze your friends!