Saturday, February 13, 2010

41 - "Toilet Chase" Spec Poster

Today is the 13th, and I have decided that every thirteenth of the month will be "Ungood Art Day" on JSVB.

Earl provided me with a doozy.  It's a picture I drew a long time ago.  Back when we were working on Paranoid Productions (click on this link to learn more about this) the flagship project was a finished script we wrote called "Toilet Chase".

In short, it was an action-horror tale about college students being stalked by a malevolent haunted toilet.  We intentionally wrote this story to make it as bad as we could, and yes, it stinks to heaven. 

Earl kept this sketch which was a design for the movie marquee poster. 

"When you were young, your parents taught you
a lot of things.
One of them was how to go to the bathroom
by yourself.  They were wrong."


"It ain't takin' any more crap from you!"