Thursday, February 4, 2010

32 - Jeff Catches A Cold, Part IV

I don't so much have the cold anymore so much as the malingering effects of one.  I have what my doctor calls "a productive cough". I'll say.  A couple of nights ago, I not only coughed up a lung, but also a full screenplay, co-authored by the virus and the corpuscles.  For background on both sides of this subcellular conflict in my body, please click on this link, this link, and this link.  It would seem that the virus and the white blood cells are finding some way to live with one another. 

About the screenplay: well, it's putrid.  The less said about it, the better.  They call it "From Ear To A Twisted Knee".  It's about the forbidden and ill-fated love between a soldier in the white corpuscle army and the red blood cell he is forced to leave behind.  She happens to be already married to a high-ranking neuron who unbeknownst to them is secretly working for the enemy virus.  Like I said, awful and melodramatic. 

In the third act, there is a huge showdown between the virus and the white blood cells led by Brave Helper T-Cell.  The enemy armies clash in the massive Battle Of Uvula Ridge, which actually took place a few hours ago.  The art department rushed me these storyboards that seem to depict the initial stages of the conflict, as the two sides form their battle lines: