Saturday, February 6, 2010

34 - Rubber Chicken's Demise

Sharon 2 is no more.  Long live Sharon 3!!!

Photographed here is the last comedy beat for my dear departed rubber chicken Sharon 2.   

A good rubber chicken can be an indispensible comedic tool.  Put one in your briefcase with the legs sticking out and walk around downtown in your best business suit.  Stuff it into a sugarbowl, and it will silently wait for an ambush.  Amuse your friends with an awesome display of martial arts Rubber Chicken Nunchuks. 

Unfortunately, the life span of a rubber chicken seems to be only about five years.  After that, the material tends to get brittle and decay.  Then it's time to start shopping for a new rubber chicken.

Here is Sharon 2's replacement, Sharon 3.  Sharon 3 looks a little more cartoony than Sharon 2 in my opinion, but she's got great texture and is very rubbery.