Thursday, February 11, 2010

39 - Tomorrow Is Going To Be Big!

Tomorrow marks the start of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!  We are very excited as we were lucky enough to draw for tickets to the Opening Ceremonies.  That ought to fill a couple of blog entries right there. 

I don't think I am allowed to show what the tickets look like directly, so I made a quick-sketch artists' rendition.  The tickets as a whole are quite big.  The Opening Ceremonies tickets are larger than any other Olympic ticket. 

The design is what I would call West Coast Post-Modern: iconic with many incongruous, frilly touches, many of which refer to our local environment.  For example, an image of a tree holding up a powerline, or a bridge cable that goes up to the sky like a kite string, only there's a bird at the end of it. 

All of the tickets use a cool colour palette, dominated by a hue that many have dubbed "Smurf Blue".  The Opening Ceremonies ticket is the only one that uses warm colours in the design: the orange flame of the Olympic Torch and the red mittens worn by the brunette model.