Friday, February 5, 2010

33 - What Vancouver Does Best

I've been requested to include more content related to Vancouver for JSVB.  Lately though, I've either been confined to the house or else when I do get out the camera battery dies.  As the Winter Olympics are nearly ready to go here, I think I can safely promise some Vancouver-based posts soon. 

Beyond the Olympics, the scenery, great restaurants, the vibrant culture, sky-high housing prices, and the oppressive taxes, Vancouver does one thing better than nearly anywhere else in Canada, and that's to brag shamelessly about our weather when the rest of the country is locked in a winter deep freeze.  You can always count on a Vancouverite to laugh at tornadoes in Toronto or the woes of Lake Winnepegosis.  Of course, Victorians are even more smug about their weather, but I don't think they brag quite the way we do. 

I snapped this picture today from our front bedroom window.  Please note the blue sky, the green lawns, the lush foliage, the thermometer at +12 Celcius, etc.  Yes, there is snow on the distant mountains, but I am assured that it has been brought in by helicopter specially for the Olympics, so we won't see any of that white stuff down here. 

Compare and contrast to this photo, also taken today, this time from lovely St. John's, Newfoundland, out on the right-hand coast.  This photo belongs to the St. John's Telegram/Kieth Gosse.