Friday, January 29, 2010

28 - "Paranoid Productions"

This image must be at least twenty years old.  It's a logo for "Paranoid Productions", a play-acting low-budget film company some of my friends started up while we were in University.  Earl dredged this up from his hard drive: the resolution and image quality are as good as they can get, as I have long since lost all of these old images. 

Still, I remember clearly putting this together.  Inspired by tales of Illuminati and the freaky pyramid-eye thing on the American dollar bill, I created this image using Corel Painter for the Commodore Amiga.  Back then, the Amiga had this crazy parallel processor that allowed it to achieve some realistic-looking graphic and animation effects.  Some studios continue to use Amigas to this day for creating title crawls and such. 

This is what I was doing back then.  In those days, Pixar (it seems) would have hired you if you could turn on the computer and/or draw a cube.  Probably you'd get to be line producer if you could do both.  However much I enjoyed working on a computer, I never thought back then that it had a lot in store for the future, especially compared to the masterworks of hand-drawn animation.  

If John Lasseter and Pixar guessed right, how many struggling artists like me guessed wrong?