Thursday, January 14, 2010

14 - Shocking Reviews

The first comments for JSVB have come in, and they are "shocking".  Allan says:

"I was actually shocked to see that you had comments turned off on your blog. Earl was too."

I guess there's no pleasing everyone, which is fine here at JSVB.  However, my friends Allan and Earl are distinctly un-shockable.  I had to come up with some kind of visual to illustrate how Earl and Allan would be when shocked.  The best I can do is to imagine them licking at batteries:

At least this takes care of today's JSVB update.  Thank you, Allan, for providing today's topic. Loyal followers (if there are any after this) are more than welcome to reach me by the e-mail at the top of the page, please.  

DISCLAIMER #1: To the best of my knowledge, Earl and Allan do not lick at batteries.  This image is meant to be allegorical.

DISCLAIMER #2: Do not lick at batteries!  It's bad for your health, and it's additictive.  Habitual battery lickers should seek medical help and absolutely avoid AA meetings.  And avoid AAA groups as well as C and D cells.