Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1235 - "Cheese Trek, Fromage:1999"

My friend Tony rescued this old drawing of mine from the archives, and I'm most pleased to present it for Ungood Art Day, traditionally the thirteenth of every month on JSVB.

I drew this well over twenty years ago.  I recall that my friends wanted a movie night or something, and I took that as an excuse to draw a poster.  I remember the blank piece of white paper and that I had three black markers, fine, medium, and thick, and that I just went ahead and drew this.  I did the lettering first, then sort of worked my way from the bottom to the top.  After it was done, I found a ruler and some pencils but obviously never used them on this piece.

Today, I'd never think of attacking a project in that manner: I'd have a sketch and measure things out.  I'd draw in the pencils carefully, and then ink each element based on its construction and composition.  

Back then, I was a lot braver and imprudent in my artwork.  I'd just freehand everything.  Walt Stanchfield the Disney artist pointed out in his lectures that freehand stuff always looked far more lively than tightly-ruled artwork.  This piece shows a lot of really lovely liveliness, but it's far too sloppy to be anything meaningful.  The years and years of practice go towards making freehand sharper and more accomplished.  

So, from bottom to top: 

  • The "Fromage:1999" footer - Fromage is the French word for cheese.  When I drew this 1999 was still well into the future.
  • Sam Beckett as Future Boy from the Quantum Leap TV show
  • Flying blocks of swiss cheese
  • An Eagle smashing into the USS Enterprise
  • Captain Kirk (Star Trek) and Commander Koenig (Space:1999)
  • A Star Destroyer and TIE Fighters
  • Godzilla (yay!)
  • The planet Saturn
  • The "Cheese Trek" header

I'm fairly certain in the movie night we had most if not all of the shows ready for viewing on VHS.  Cheeses were consumed by all, not knowing that lactose intolerance would be in the future for at least one of us.