Friday, April 1, 2016

1227 - Pity The Foo

Today is April Fool's Day, and I had some April Fool's stuff planned for JSVB.  However, real life took over my day, and I am pushing back the other stuff I wanted to show.

Today, I had to use the car to run errands, and the Check Engine light came on.  As I was near the dealership anyways, I decided I might as well pull in and ask if they could possibly see my car today.  At the reception desk, I had to take a number and

Today, I needed the Bentley as Blofeld had been spotted by a keen-eyed operative from Station A in Bergspitzstrassen.  (See? This version plays out better already.) M briefed me on my mission, and I gave Moneypenny my customary pat on her pert rump on my way down to Q Branch to pick up my automobile.  Reaching the underground hangar by private elevator, I witnessed Q himself as he set up in a bulletproof chamber one of his infernal ambush-killing machines.

"Watch this."  Inside the chamber was a red box the size of a large book.  From its lowest extremity emerged a paper ticket.  "Now grab that ticket with these long forceps," Q said.  As I did so, he held his hands over his ears.  The explosion was massive.  

"Exploding ticket box," Q crowed, "That's one way to stub out the enemy!"

"Chit, chit, bang, bang," I replied. 

Well, whichever version you prefer, I had to take a ticket, and it had FOO written on it.  I considered Photoshopping it to read FOOL, but I see now that the Universe was sending its messages clearly enough without retouching.