Monday, April 11, 2016

1233 - Deckard

Figuring that I could pas my JSVB post count, I decided to deconstruct the little cartoon strip I made for post #1232.  I'll present the frames without the Nazi-related text.  

Since the frames are from Blade Runner (1982), I found these pretty easy to draw.  Nearly every moment of the film is loaded with thoughtful composition and lighting.  All I have to do is page through the Blu-Ray and pick a freeze-frame with the elements I want, then draw what I see.  Enhance!  Enhance!

I also used Jason Maranto's most excellent half-tone brush to make the greyscale elements in this image.  It's a super-cool art tool in that it goes down like adhesive screentone (a rub-down decal sheet of grey dots that you can use to fill an area) but it looks more organic. It reminds me of the screentone you used to get in the 1980's, but Mr. Maranto's brush is far more useful and flexible.  It's a sweet effect.