Saturday, April 2, 2016

1228 - "Hello Kitty Regional Hospital"

April Fool's Day is like Hallowe'en for graphic artists.  It's the one day of the year the designers get to let loose with their most creative work of the year, something that goes playfully just outside the bounds of what the company represents, and still not get paid for the extra effort. 

My commission was to gussy up one of our local hospitals.  The idea is that the hospital is being extensively renovated despite demonstrably poor efforts at fund-raising.  The renovations are needed, as the region is growing and the facilities are being used at maximum capacity.  

So, why not partner with a major sponsor, who would purchase the right to place their logo and colours discretely on the hospital grounds?  

As it happens, the Hello Kitty Hospital is a real thing in Taiwan:

Here are medical workers in Hello Kitty aprons and scrubs attending to newborns in the Hello Baby Nursery.  Pictured below is a specialist in themed surgical attire awaiting her next patient in the Hello Biopsy Operating Room: