Thursday, February 27, 2014

919 - "Squirrels In Love"

Here is my "Squirrels In Love" piece.  I think it turned out nicely, very romantic.  

I plan to use this piece as the base for some new artwork with text, but I am pleased to have this part completed.  I feel like I achieved the look I was going for, two hand-drawn squirrels in love in a warm idyllic forest.  

But there's more: I wanted the squirrels to look recognizable as people.  The pose and the facial expressions convey the composition I was seeking.  I worked from a model photo, with the two lovers (my clients) agreeing to pose for me.  I told them, hold this apple, it's an acorn, and you are two squirrels in love.   They hit the pose right away and I snapped the picture. Maybe the glass of tequila, foreground, helped.