Sunday, February 2, 2014

910 - "Wait"

Not long ago, I bought a Sony brand Blu-Ray player.  Sometimes, it has this morbid habit of displaying WAIT on its little screen after I turn the power off.  The word WAIT stays for ten or fifteen seconds before the machine succumbs to its eventual dark state. 

I imagine after I press the "off" button that the little tron-men inside are frantically shoring up dwindling power reserves in their futile efforts to stay alive just a few cycles longer. They call out, hoping that their godlike User (me, right?) will intervene... WAIT!!!

ROY SONY [Tronican Leader, soliloquy, on top of a large, crumbling memory bank]:  

I've seen movies you people wouldn't believe.  Miramax on fire off the shoulder of Orion Pictures.  I've watched Blu-Rays glitter in the dark near the Lion's Gate. All these... discs... will be lost in time... like Betamax... and VHS. Time to die... [ROY expires]

Some searching on the Internet bears out the truth: some Sony players are searching for a wireless Internet connection.  If they cannot find one, they get stuck in a WAIT cycle.  If this happens during a firmware upgrade, the unit will get permanently stuck in a WAIT cycle and will need to be replaced!  

Since I don't allow my new Blu-Ray to access cyberspace and some discs like to be connected to the Internet, this generates the WAIT message.  

Either that, or I'm perpetually killing off the nascent Sony electronic civilization, which frankly has become demoralizing every time I want to watch a new movie.