Saturday, February 22, 2014

914 - Pic Ten Thousand

For a couple of months, I've been wondering what my digital camera would do when the picture counter reached 9,999.  My camera numbers each pull of the trigger, so it's taken me a while to reach ten thousand. 
I bought my camera back in 2009, so roughly five years ago, 2,000 shots a year... approximately five or six shots per day on average.  Not bad.  This is the camera that has lasted the longest and has been the most reliable out of my collection, so I am happy with it.
After 9,999 shots, the counter rolls back to 0001.  This shot is at my dad's birthday party.  It's low light, so everything is blurry.  Fortune-cookie wisdom says it takes 10,000 efforts to become an expert, so I am a bit embarrassed that this shot shows basic photographic ineptitude.  Still, digital photography has made me a much more confident artist, so I'll be happy to advance towards expertness one shutter snap at a time.