Wednesday, February 26, 2014

918 - Oh, That Speech...

In JSVB Post #916, I mentioned that I wrote a speech. Now, people are asking me how the speech went.  They didn't throw eggs at me, so I consider it a done deal.

Here is a picture of me at the event.  We're unveiling at City Hall a massive and most impressive new public art piece, a legacy commission carved out of Port Coquitlam's famous (and now deceased) Century Tree.   As Chairman of the CCDA, the responsibility of Master of Ceremonies fell to me, which required some speech-writing and speech-delivering. 

In this photo, I've introduced the artist, one of our national treasures, the incomparable Corrine Hunt.  If you watched the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, you'd be instantly familiar with Corrine's work: she designed the bronze, silver, and gold medals.  

Afterwards, there was a good shmooze.  My wife pointed out, rightly, that I was too shy to give Corrine my card, although I did get hers.