Thursday, September 13, 2018

1546 - Heedlessly Redacted

The thirteenth day of every month on JSVB is dedicated to Ungood Art.  It's where I post stuff that I have created where I had the intention to do something well, but instead it turns out not so well, or as the opposite of good: ungood.  


This is the label sheet for the place names for both Mongo and Krypton, the custom-made globes I am building.  Each cut was supposed to be laser-precise: two vertical strokes and two horizontal strokes to contain each label in its own perfect rectangle.  Instead, it looks as if I've redacted Fred Flintstone's poem to Wilma:

I love thee Wilma, with hair like silk,
Lips like cherries, skin like milk,
Your shell-like ears, your dainty hands,
And eyes so black, like ▓

I guess I need better technique with the knife.

*PS: the redacted words are frying pans.