Wednesday, September 12, 2018

1545 - Continental Context

So this is basically just a text file, but it took a long time to produce so I decided to use it as an entry for JSVB.  These are all of the labels for the fictional geographic names on the globes I made for both the planets Mongo (top) and Krypton (bottom).  

The names were culled from various stories and hand-drawn onto maps for comic books.  A few of the names are simply exotic and alien.  Some of the names are similar to names of places on Earth, but with different spellings.  After these come quite a number of names that are simply descriptive of the location they are attached to, like Fiery Desert and Glass Forest.  Either the writers grew tired of alien-like names, or else they wanted to keep things basic for easy comprehension.  

I began wondering how Earth landmarks would be named, if comic book writers were in charge of things (like they are now, at least in films and on television).  Mount Everest would be Giant Mountain.  The Mississippi could be Meander River.  The populated east coast of the United States has already been likened to Metropolis or Megacity One.  The Russian steppes?  Fro-Zen Plains.  The South American jungle?  Ver'Dant Forest.  Australia equals Island Land - I like that one.