Saturday, September 13, 2014

1007 - Tindiana Pullet

"Tindy... why is the floor moving?"
Tindiana Pullet was protected from the thought beams of the mind-control satellites in geosyncronous high Earth orbit, thanks to his tin foil fedora. 

Welcome to another edition of JSVB Ungood Art Day, where I show art which I have created with the best of intentions that somehow spun out of control and crashed.  The thirteenth of every month is traditionally Ungood Art Day.  

My wife was eating these tiny fruit pies and leaving behind little bitty foil cups.  Once washed, I realized that a cup could be formed into the shape of a hat, a process from the olden days known as "blocking".  The hat was a good fit for one of our toy stuffed chickens, and so we get Tindiana Pullet And The Empire Of The Crystal Cliché. 
To the right you can see the first four tries I had at making a tin foil hat for a chicken.  Blocking hats isn't as easy as you'd think.  If you look at Woody Allen's early comedy material, he makes observations on how difficult it is to block a hat, and he was right!  If you look at Woody Allen, you see how old he is, and how he would have lived through the era where blocking hats was an important and manly skill to have.