Friday, September 12, 2014

1006 - J. Campbell Greeting Card Co.

From my sketchbook, a quotation from Joseph Campbell's book "The Hero With A Thousand Faces".   I can see this as the flagship for a whole line of Hallmark-style greeting cards, except that I don't have the rights to any of it.

For those who can't read my handwriting:

"The happy ending is justly scorned as a misrepresentation; for the world, as we know it, as we have seen it, yields but one ending: death, disintegration, dismemberment, and the crucifixion of our heart with the passing of the forms we have loved."  

See?   Cheery!

As a bonus, I've included a caricature of  Mr. Campbell as I imagine he would have looked phrasing those words.  Since nobody else seems to be caricaturing Joseph Campbell, I figured JSVB might as well be on the cutting edge of that artform.