Friday, December 20, 2013

892 - John The Baptist, Part X

I finished the tenth stage of John The Baptist a few days ago, but I haven't been posting to JSVB due to personal commitments. 
Not that there's a lot to report.  All I have done is paint the frame.  I did create finer edges so that the frame does not look so ragged.  I had to use a ruling pen and a compass to keep the lines from being wobbly. 
A ruling pen is something like the old quill pens you see in movies.  It allows you to draw lines with liquid ink while using a ruler.  If you used a quill, the ink would run out onto the ruler.  I've learned that you can load the pen with paint almost as easily as ink. 
Both compasses and ruling pens have been used in one for or another for hundreds of years, making them acceptable tools for orthodox iconography, as well as allowing me to avoid freehanding these difficult lines.