Tuesday, December 3, 2013

883 - John The Baptist. Part VIII

Last week, I was so monumentally busy, I did not have time to work on this icon, let alone post to JSVB about it.  This week, all I did was work on his hair.  The previous session, I blocked out the masses of John's hair with colour.  I simply painted over those blocks with fine dark brown lines.  It's not quite orthodox, but normally the artist is allowed to be somewhat experimental with the hair, since hair John's most recognizable physical feature. 

Before I forget, I should mention I have a few dozen Christmas cards left for sale, based on my Mother Of Tenderness icon.  Each card contains a biblical verse and comes with its own envelope.  The cost is $1.25 per unit, a fantasic value for a religious art card of this quality.

Please click here for more details.