Friday, December 13, 2013

889 - Wrapped Attention

The thirteenth of every month is Ungood Art Day on JSVB.  I post some artistic endeavour that went wrong and that should probably be never repeated let alone shown to the public.  Every artist makes mistakes, sometimes very costly ones.  Those are usually the funniest.
Today I freely admit I do not know how to wrap presents.  I can draw precise lines, and choose the perfect colour on the colour wheel.  I can create evocative scenes of sensuality, comedy, or destruction as I choose.  But so help me, I cannot wrap.
This is just a small, regular, box-shaped present like millions you'd see throughout the world.  Somehow, I avoided making any straight lines, and none of the angles match the proscribed ninety degrees - all of this despite the helpful grid pattern of the paper.  There's random pieces of tape stuck to unusual places.  Stranger still, you can see the tape, which I cannot explain in any rational sense since I am fanatical about using "invisible" tape in my art projects. 
So if you look under the Christmas tree and discover ill-used lumps of amorphous merchandise heaped underneath, you will know that your present has been carefully chosen and artlessly wrapped by me.