Wednesday, November 13, 2013

872 - Garden Variety Ghost

It's the thirteenth of the month!  That means that today is Ungood Art Day on JSVB.  I post something that should have been good art, but for whatever reason turned Ungood.

I forgot that I took this picture back in Summer, but I am posting it now.  It's supposed to be me as a ghost.  Would people miss me when I am gone?  They still log in to see Wrath of Gandhi and wonder if there will be pictures of Uhura without her clothes.  I guess it's nice to be needed.
As for the ghostliness, the effect is completely optical, which is why I took the picture in the first place.  I am standing in the sun in front of a large photograph of a garden, where the photo is behind a sheet of clear plastic.  I snapped my own reflection, but it looks like I am either in the garden as a bona fide ghost, boo, or else I am terrible with Photoshop and I made a very cheesy transparent layer.  Either way, what makes this picture truly ungood is that I somehow managed to chop off my own head. 

Hallowe'en is just the start of the scary season, not the end of it...