Thursday, November 7, 2013

868 - 100 Dot Posey

If you can count to a hundred, you can draw yourself a pretty flower.
I made this connect-the-dots as a cover illustration for a handbook on what to do if and when you are bored.  I got the idea from an artist who is making connect-the-dots with thousands of dots that take hours to complete the drawing. 
I was similarly inspired by the "Count" function in my copy of Photoshop.  You can count image elements by clicking on them: every click, you get a dot and a sequential number.  So, if you wanted to count how many jellybeans are  in the jar, just keep clicking until there are no more jellybeans without dots.  You look at the final number, and that's your tally. 
I used the same function to draw this posey.  The downside is that Photoshop cruelly disallows printing Guides, including the Count.  I upsampled a screen capture, and that seemed to work okay after fiddling with Unsharp.