Tuesday, November 12, 2013

871 - "RJ Kent Residences"

I volunteered to create a print ad for the RJ Kent Residences, which is a seniors' home attached to the Royal Canadian Legion I belong to.  Since I am not a "people person" like my wife is, she got to tag poppies and I ended up pushing pixels for the Legion. 
RJ Kent seems pretty swank: it's a new building in a terrific location near a beautiful park, a transportation hub, and the suburban charms of downtown Port Coquitlam - more restaurant and entertainment choices per capita than any other city in the Lower Mainland. 
The only downside is that I am not a senior, yet.  I doubt many JSVB readers are.  Even so, $1,850 per month including food and housekeeping is better than mortgage payments right now... tempting.