Monday, November 18, 2013

876 - Turnover Coupon

JSVB readers who are also football fans thought that I was being weirdly prophetic with yesterday's post.  After all, I show turnovers, and then the CFL regional finals are filled with fumbles. 
Unfortunately, all I was trying to do was to pay up on a bet.  I needed to make up this coupon because of the Lion's horrifying loss to the Roughriders back on October 19th.  Although the score was 35-14 for the bad guys, the Lions turned over the ball an unbelievable eight times during the game.  It was one of the worst football performances I had seen in a long time, and was obviously a season turning point for both the Riders and the Lions.
Here's the thing: the Stampeders turned over the ball to the Riders seven times in yesterday's loss to the Roughriders, and the green-and-white team advanced to the Grey Cup next week.  To my mind, the Roughies have added a new tactic to their bag of tricks: generating turnovers.
That's tough to defend against, and it's tough to avoid, if your team is on the recieving end of a squad that knows how to strip the ball, knock it loose, and generate those costly fumbles.  Hamilton had better work on improving their ball security, or they will learn the hard way on Canada's most traditional sports stage what it's like to be a BC Lion or a Calgary Stampeder.