Wednesday, March 23, 2011

338 - Pipe Maniac Redux

"Pipe Maniac" is the unfinished sequel to "Toilet Chase", a truly awful screenplay and Ungood Art feature.  Please click here to learn more.

My friend Earl is fond of resurrecting past projects.  He took this artful photo of a manhole cover and figured he ought to turn it into a poster for Pipe Maniac.  As a professional writer, Earl knows how important it is to nail down the promotional poster art before the script is finished.

Now Pipe Maniac has, against probability, returned from limbo.  I took Earl's photo and ran it through Photoshop a bit. 

"Quotation forthcoming" - Reviewer is the actual text from the poster for a big-budget videogame.  Unfortunately, the budget didn't extend to proofreading, and this blurb got printed instead of the reviewer's ecstatic opinion.  I think it's an awesome quote.  If nobody reviews Pipe Maniac better than this, then the quote stands.