Monday, March 21, 2011

336 - Mary, Queen Of Heaven, Pt. VI

Monday means more Mary.  I've more or less placed her facial features where they need to go.  The nose and mouth are still a little problematic, but they will work out just fine.  A slightly lighter shade of skin tone starts to add volume to the face.  There's several layers yet to go.  Her eyes don't get painted in for a while yet, so Our Lady's face looks like a mask.  Just as well, as I feel her beginning to stare out at me from the picture.  

Mary is somebody I both know and don't know.  I'm starting to see her as being impossibly young and provincial to be given so much responsibility in our culture.  Yet her social type, a Divine Mother of God, resonates through other faiths, some much older than Christianity.  And  of course, she is a model to mothers everywhere.