Monday, August 13, 2018

1536 - The Mystery Of The Cosmos

The Cosmos.

We gaze upon its infinite splendour.  A star glitters, a celestial diamond.  Behind that, a thousand million more stars.  Behind them a thousand million galaxies of stars.

This image is not that.  No, it's my monthly entry for Ungood Art Day here on JSVB.  Every thirteenth day of the month, I publish some foolish part of my art where I am (usually) trying hard to create something good and instead it goes sideways and become ungood instead.

Rubbing off the excess parts of the model of the Planet Mongo I am constructing yielded fractal patterns of dust on 600-grit sandpaper.   You can read the mystery of the universe in this picture, or see that I am padding my post count.  Either way, the macrocosm conspires to make us wiser.