Thursday, August 9, 2018

1533 - Cities On The Edge Of My Finger

I had some grandiose ideas for manufacturing The City Of The Hawkmen, which is a flying city on the fictional Planet Mongo of the Flash Gordon universe.  (Argo City on the planet Krypton also flies).  

I had some glitter buttons that I thought I could shape into a miniature domed city.  Unfortunately, the buttons were far too big and my efforts to whittle them down just made them ugly.  If you peer inside the largest "dome", you can maybe see my efforts to create buildings inside.   I thought of injecting a little pigment to make the buildings stand out. I stopped myself, since the button was too big anyways.

I'm settling on using a simple pinhead to depict the glory of the City Of The Hawkmen. i doubt Brian Blessed would approve if the size of Vultan's kingdom, but then does Brian Blessed have a bespoke globe of the Planet Mongo?