Saturday, March 25, 2017

1353 - "The Electric Altar"

I am working on some April Fool's tomfoolery.  As part of an upcoming project, I photo-bashed some public domain pictures to make a scene of doctors and nurses idolizing a giant computer.  Some of the source material was black and white and some of it was in colour, so I had to colourize all of the elements to make them blend.

This is nowhere near a photorealistic picture, but as I worked on it I was struck by how easily religious robes can be transformed into medical scrubs (the supplicants were taken from a picture from the biblical Old Testament where people were worshipping a golden calf deity), and how computer technicians dressed like doctors and nurses from back in the day when a single computer would take up an entire room.  Look it up for yourself: when men worked on the computers of the 1950's and 1960's, they wore suits, ties, dress shoes, and lab coats, and women would wear the same style of dresses nurses wore.  

Things are so much different now.  Or in the case of idolatry, maybe not.