Thursday, November 24, 2016

1311 - Amazed People Sketch

I want to share some experimental sketchbook stuff.  I have been ignoring that for a long time, ever since my artistic comfort zone has become so comfortable.  

Once again, I am trying to loosen things up a little, so I have some tilty composition, a delineated lighting scheme, and my most newfangled innovation: the use of a crowquill pen nib.  

Crowquill nibs are well over a hundred years old, so it's just new to me.  And I've had crowquill pens in my collection since I was a teenager, so when I say it's new to me, that's not exactly true.  But I don't use crowquills as often as I could, since they make lines that require a little more co-ordination and concentration than I prefer to use.  On the other hand, rapid crowquill sketches have a wonderfully loose feel to them.  The nib can be rotated and expanded to make thicker lines, but if pressed lightly will lay a very fine line.  It's a truly versatile tool with a little bit of vintage appeal and the tight line of a true draftsman.