Sunday, November 13, 2016

1305 - CPAP Fart Joke

Today on JSVB: an Ungood fart joke.  Don't scroll down if fart jokes offend you. 

So help me, I like ordering stuff from China that comes included with an instruction sheet.  Of course, there's low-brow entertainment in "Engrish", defined as a corruption of the English language by native speakers of some East Asian languages.  But I'm also a big fan of the diagrams that come with these documents.

Generally, the artist has enough knowledge to create reasonable human forms, but neither the time nor resources to make them look appealing.  If the picture is cautionary, the artist will have to depict all sorts of things the user is expected to prevent, such as toddlers inserting cutlery into electrical sockets, the swallowing of flashlight batteries, or getting the primer bulb caught in the dick scrambler.   These diagrams are almost invariably drawn with the dispassionate linework of a technical pen, and serve to illustrate exactly what it is you are forbidden to do.  

Today is the thirteenth of the month, which is Ungood Art Day.  On Ungood Art Day, I feature things I have made that should have been good, but somehow aren't.  Normally, the Ungoodness comes from a lack of judgement in execution, but sometimes I make deliberate Ungood Art, since I also like fart jokes.  So help me.