Wednesday, November 16, 2016

1308 - Nativity 2 - VI

More Nativity, more rocks.  I'm glad I am working on this, as it's adding to my Christmas cheer.  Or in my case, Christmas grin-and-bear-it.  

I've put the main colours into the rocks.  They look a little flat and cartoony, but I really like the palette.  

Cartoony rocks like this can make one think of the rocky desert in the old Warner Brothers cartoons.  It's no accident that happens.  Those animation backgrounds were designed by Maurice Noble, who like the mad genius Eyvind Earle for Disney, were both heavily influenced by the forms of medieval folk art.  I'm certain I mentioned this small fact on JSVB before, but I don't mind repeating myself.  Both men were towering giants of their craft.  If I pour everything I've got into my own designs, I'll only scrape at the surface of what they had accomplished.