Friday, October 28, 2016

1299 - Homemade Necronomicon VI

Out of the twenty pages for my homemade Necronomicon, these are the final five.  I hand-made several of the arcane markings, and to save time, I borrowed a few from the Internet.  I tried to stay away from images that were too dark and occult as I did not want my Necronomicon to be evil enough to worship.  

I also drew some of the narrative from the Evil Dead 2 movie (1987).  If you look carefully, you can find that the events that happen to the characters are also illustrated in the pages of the Necronomicon they find in the woods.  So leafing through my Necronomicon will also gave you an idea of what happens in the movie.

Click on any image to embiggen:

The only thing I regret not illustrating is a scene in Evil Dead 2 when the Witch propels Jake the Hillbilly headlong into a ceiling light bulb.  I recall back in the early 1990's visiting my friend Earl who at the time was living in his parents' basement.  We howled with laughter watching the film.  At the end of the night in my car as I pulled out of Earl's parents' driveway, I saw Earl in the living room window pantomiming the Witch and Jake and the light bulb: he was explaining to his parents exactly why we were making such a ruckus in the basement.  As long as I live, I'll never forget Earl's little one-man show, nor the look of utter perplexity veneered with permanent unconditional love which was a common enough expression on the faces of his parents.