Friday, October 7, 2016

1287 - Peanuts Weather Report

Marshalled by firmament
Sheep-like clouds herd
And cluster darkening:
Overcast chills countryside
And city bounds alike.
Sly Skaði exhales -
Leaves curl, winds howl, 
Flakes drift from a sifted sky
And freeze into manifold
Abundant numbers inversely 
Proportional to their individual size.

Meanwhile, it's sunny and warm here.
I'm thinking the lawn needs mowing,
But maybe we'll just sing and dance.
Just how bad are our aubades anyways? 


My brother-in-law went travelling this week and was surprised by snow.  What kind of a Canadian is he, anyways, that snow should come as a surprise?   His online grumblings inspired today's JSVB post, which in turn has us featured at Peanuts-style characters, as could have been drawn by Charles Shultz.  JSVB is indebted to Mr. Shultz' draftsmanship.  

While we can complain about our weather, those stricken by Hurricane Matthew are not as lucky as us.  When the Red Cross calls for for international aid, we can be good citizens and assist them with our donations which will go directly towards life-saving supplies.  We can help!