Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1290 - "Happy Birthday, Princess!"

Happy Birthday to my loving wife: The Force is strong with us!


Full disclosure:

1) Today isn't my lovely wife's birthday, tomorrow is.  But tomorrow I plan to feature a colossal Ungood Art piece for Ungood Art Day, since that day is always the thirteenth of the month on JSVB.

2) Leia and Han are Star Wars characters and remain the intellectual product of Disney.  I saw a similiar design on a greeting card and figured I could do better, which I did.

3) Leia and Han's dialogue, simple as it is, has to be the high point of blockbuster science-fiction writing.  It's the point where the characters are the most grounded, human, and relatable in the entire run of the Star Wars movies, and in science fiction in general.  While Luke develops strange wizard-like powers to be able to confront Darth Vader, Han slowly realizes that he has become part of the Rebel community, something that starts in A New Hope (1977) and runs through The Empire Strikes Back (1980).  Luke becomes supernatural, which leaves Han as the character we depend upon to be the most human.  

This is also the point where Han stops worrying about himself and begins to worry more about Leia.  When the Millenium Falcon lands on the deck of the Bespin mine, his fate and the fates of his friends are all sealed. Throughout the first part of the film, Han faces great danger, but he is able to hang on using wit and devious imagination.  On Bespin, Han is completely outmatched by the forces of evil, and too late he realizes his tactical error.  His last remaining act is to assure his loved ones that hope and love are not extinct.  He finally finds someone he treasures more than money, ambition, and his own life itself.

Really, that's the way we all need to go if we want to see our names and more importantly the names of our loved ones in the opening credits of the sequel.