Friday, September 16, 2016

1282 - The Consequential Shreddie

Look at this Shreddie.  It's orthogonally unorthodox; it's supposed to be a square.  Instead, it's a single conjoined mega-Shreddie that somehow missed the chop to become two.  An aberration from the cereal assembly line it is, to be sure.

And that's what caused me to think.  There's no easy video or description on how Shreddies are made, so we have to use our best guess.  Somehow, the semi-liquid crushed-grain cereal lattice is laid out, chopped, and cooked into square shapes or diamonds if you prefer the cute advertisements from last decade.  Cooked, yes, but still pliable enough to be sliced into shape without shattering the square.

Seeing as there are two squares end-to-end, that would imply that the Shreddies could emerge from their processor like an infinite roll of stamps through the slot of a stamp dispenser.  A softly outflowing ribbon of Shreddies, one would think.  That enough would be a treasured sight to see, or to be able to sit at the base of the ribbon extruder and allow the warm Shreddie ribbon to stream directly into  one's mouth.  

Logically, though, a Shreddie ribbon would not be efficient, since they could only be cut one at a time.  More likely, it's a Shreddie blanket that gets cut into ribbons or squares.  

A Shreddie blanket.

How can you not want to go to sleep at night under the warmth of a fresh, gently fragrant Shreddie blanket, and then wake up in the morning and eat the bedsheets for breakfast?  Well, obviously don't count hygiene in the equation.