Friday, September 9, 2016

1278 - 50-50: The Alternative Factor

I have an alternate version of the Fifty-Fifty pose I presented on JSVB yesterday.  It's more "meme-like", if that's a word.  

I made the rookie mistake of composing the artwork on a white background, so the colours were all balanced for that.  When I decided I wanted a cheesy Star Trek rock face to be the background, its dark geometry threw all the colours out of whack, and in my opinion I over-rendered the image to make my corrections.  The new version of Corel Painter arrived, so I wanted to try out its new digital brushes.  Yesterday's picture took the brunt of my experimentation.  

So this version is a bit cleaner, and the tag line amuses me.  I rotoscoped an existing Star Trek model and composited my brother-in-law's head on top.  That allowed me to work pretty fast, since I'd somehow forgotten that yesterday was the big anniversary and I wanted to make the deadline.