Wednesday, May 18, 2016

1246 - Ernst Stavro Blofly

Bond was helpless.

"I have been so very much looking forward to this moment, double-oh seven.  Everything that has happened to you has been in the dispensation of bringing you to me, so that I may now ultimately defeat you.  Without the tiresome meddling of the British Secret Service, I shall be free to pursue my goal of world domination!"

"Before you kill me, at least tell me your name."

"You have earned this much, Mr. Bond.  My name... is Ernst Stavro Blofly."

A huge black housefly has taken up residence at our address.  It refuses to be trapped and evicted, let alone smashed.  It is fast, and for a fly it is extremely cunning.  It rests close to refuge and boldly claims the downstairs territory for itself when it is fully alert.  It avoids windows and is much faster than we can move.  It has the reflexes of lightning and the speed of thunder.  

I have taken to calling it Ernst Stavro Blofly, a loose tribute to Ian Fleming's infamous Bond villain.  For the past three days, it has been my nemesis.

Loyal JSVB readers will recall another nemesis, the inimitable Mousey Tongue (please click here to see JSVB Post #206), who likewise avoided traps for three days.  I've pit my will against a mouse and eventually won; I'll throw the dice once again to defeat Blofly.   If only I could get Shirley Bassey to sing the theme song...