Friday, May 13, 2016

1244 - Ukuleles & Contactees

I'm taking ukulele lessons in a group.  I feel there hasn't been enough whiskey distilled in the world for me to endure this, but lifelong learning is a journey.  

As part of the course, you can buy for a very reasonable price an incredibly big little book of songs suitable for the instrument.  The instructor insisted that we students personalize the cover so that we don't get our books mixed up.  I decided to colour in the little character provided, add eyeglasses for ease of identification, and then for effect I threw in an ominous flying saucer in the background ready to pluck the hapless camper from his sanctuary of wilderness isolation.  What goes up likely will not come down, ever.

Nobody's noticed I've been using this book for a month now, and only today my wife saw it and laughed her trademark sultry laugh.  That indicated this piece is a good choice for Ungood Art Day, traditionally the thirteenth of every month on JSVB.