Tuesday, May 10, 2016

1242 - Stork Puzzle

I've incorporated Nurse Stork into a simple visual puzzle.  It was fun to draw!
By the way, here are the answers to my previous puzzle, the Letter Sorter, which you can find by clicking here.  The words unscramble to MOM, TOT, BED, HAT, GIRL, ILL, TOE, COT, OCCIPITOBREGMATIC.  What the White Cat said when she joined the Task Force: HELLO, COMMITTEE!
I did have one person figure that one out.   
"Occipitobregmatic" is not an easy word to unscramble.  Since the puzzle was part of an April Fool's joke, I didn't mind adding that word into the matrix.  "Occipitobregmatic" refers to the distance measured between the chin and the top of the skull, which is a useful diagnostic rule to gauge the health and development of infants. It's also a really long word, which is helpful when designing cruel, funny puzzles.