Tuesday, March 22, 2016

1224 - Bond Shames Bond

My friend Tony dredged up a few bits of artwork that I had thought were lost over the years.  I would have drawn this over twenty years ago.  Back then, I was a lot more fearless in my composition than I am now, but utterly lacking in skill with simple things like rulers, proportion, or line quality.  

So: the more I gained in being able to make my picture look like the thing I had seen in my mind's eye, the more I lost in spontaneity and resourcefulness.  Was that a fair trade?  You be the judge.

It's not great art, but it isn't Ungood.  I'll show another piece on Ungood Art Day, the next one coming up on the thirteenth of April.  It's a companion piece to EAMSA#6, which you can see, should you wish to punish yourself with my old artwork, by clicking here.   It's JSVB Post #286, way back when. 

I vaguely recall the movie night.  The first half was fun, and the popcorn was indeed galore for Goldfinger.  I think we all walked out of Casino Royale,  though, since it was that terrible and unwatchable 1967 version with David Niven and Peter Sellers.