Friday, March 11, 2016

1219 - "Cherry Bubbles"

Today, the topic of conversation was hooker names.  Say you wanted a sexy-sounding alter-ego, so here's what you do: you take the name of your first pet and the name of the street where you grew up, put them together, and that's your hooker name.

We tried it out, but the results were not so sexy.  My wife acquired Fritz Sonora, while I became Frank Hudson.  Or Hudson Frank, take your pick.  On the Internet, Fritz Sonora is a musician so obscure even he changed his name to something equally obscure.  Frank Hudson, on the other hand, sells nice high-end furniture.  

What happens if your upbringing was less than middle-class?  Maybe you lived on a street with a number instead of a name?  Somehow Spike 104 sounds less like a hooker name and more like an FM radio station.  

So we went with Cherry Bubbles.  

There's nothing original in today's JSVB piece.   The graphic is of my friend Sylvia that I drew in 2014, while the cucumber is a re-use from last year.  The fonts are Typodermic.  The format was hedged from my friend Earl, who has made a few cards like this already.  The quote is from Sledge Hammer.