Friday, February 26, 2016

1214 - Symmetrical Owl

A couple days ago, I started work on an owl illustration.  While somewhat more lifelike, my previous try at drawing an owl lacked the symmetry I was craving.  This owl is much more symmetrical, although it's not finished.  I'm too bummed-out to work on it much.

Still, this owl has the appeal of a statue, maybe like the Maltese Falcon.  I dedicate this statue to all of the inept Ashleys i know - not my cousin Ashley who is very smart and able to do many wonderful things.  I am thinking of the Ashleys whose contributions to the world have succeeded in keeping it from being the utopia we've all been striving for.  Thanks to their tireless efforts, we can now tell the difference between blissful existence and our regularly scheduled dose of reality.  Here's to you, sweet Ash, wherever you are.