Friday, February 5, 2016

1205 - Our Lady In Throne XV

Gilding Day!  That's the day I lay gold assist, which is putting gold on areas that have already been painted.  Gold doesn't stick to paint, although it will stick to anything else you don't want it to.  So, gold leaf needs to be tacked down, gently.  It will be much more durable after sealing.  

It's a shame that photography doesn't show gold very well.  It has a lustrous shine that looks exceptionally good under low light.  It brings out a nice contrast between the reds, blues, and greens in my icon without being garish.  I've also used it to create dazzling lines on Christ's robes.  I have it on authority that you cannot use too much gold for The Lord's clothing.  I used to have a gold tie in the 1980's.  Everyone made fun of it, but for good reason.  Some of us can wear lots of gold, others of us not so much.