Saturday, February 13, 2016

1208 - Fools: X & Misc. Other

The thirteenth day of every month on JSVB is reserved for Ungood Art.  This is art that I have created that I thought would turn out well, but somehow it doesn't.  

This month, I am presenting a new situation.  Earlier, I created some stuff that went so ungood it was genuinely bad.  I just don't want to publish it, and in fact I got rid of it. 

 Normally, I archive everything, so this was something I did not want to see again.  I think part of my problems started with watching the film Ex_Machina, which brought to mind the troubling problem of what to do when you absolutely hate the thing you've created.  You can read my thoughts on the subject by clicking here.  Without dwelling on the subject, there's still some part of that project that I feel could be salvaged.  

That's why I created this picture instead, and put a fair amount of work into it.  Unlike most of my Ungood stuff, this one is pretty good.  I forced myself to use the Bezier tool in Photoshop to keep my lines crisp and uniform.  It's not an easy tool to use at first.  

I've mentioned before that Season 10 of the X-Files has proven to be powerfully ungood (you can read my thoughts on that by clicking here.).  I've illustrated what I figure should be the high-water mark of the season: Scully and Mulder chase a reptilian were-human into a porta-potty.  It seems to me to be the most honest and compelling moment in the show.

Sometimes if you promote something ungood,  that's what people remember you for.  I guess what I will take away from Season 10 is the porta-potty scene.  But if I look back on this post, it will also remind me of the price of ungoodliness: you have to love what you do.  There's no sense making something founded on malice.