Wednesday, May 7, 2014

956 - "I'm Nearly Famous"

JSVB Post #777: the JSVB Post that would not die.

The other day, I discovered that my "Wrath of Gandhi" poster has officially achieved the status of internet meme.  Such as it is, it has gone viral, or at least a mild infection.  

It was picked up by the Cheezburger Group and is now Internet Meme #8,173,936,384.  No kidding!  I discovered the meme-ification after another spike in my user stats showed that Cheezburger was actively pinging JSVB.  The Cheezburger people were very accommodating and had nothing but very nice things to say about my work.  And now for Internet fame!

I programmed a real-time personal fame meter to actively measure my presence on the Internet now that I am one of the constellation of stars that glitter in your heavens:

Hmm.  I guess I won't be Letterman's final guest.  Not yet.

Check out "Wrath Of Gandhi" by clicking here.
And, in a rare outside link, you can see "Wrath of Gandhi" here, where you could conceivably even leave comments: 

The title "I'm Nearly Famous" is courtesy of my friend Earl.